“We are each our own devil and we make this world our Hell.”

Chaining together the most potent aspects of various influences from the darkest catacombs of rock and roll and the occult, New Skeletal Faces create their own unique, aggressive sound and experience.

New Skeletal Faces have released a demo “EP” (with electronic drums) on September 19th, 2017.

The EP/demo was supplemented with a self produced music video for the single, “Skeleton Structure” which could best be described as morose, surrealistic, and provocative.

Live, New Skeletal Faces lead a powerful ritual, compelling the gathering to submit to their nefarious, uncompromising, high energy live experience, which clearly sets them apart.

New Skeletal Faces debut full length album, “Celestial Disease” to be released soon!

New Skeletal Faces are:

Errol Fritz-vocals and guitar